Denver Bondsman in Colorado will help you find information about an inmate
at the downtown Denver CO detention center or any of the jails in Colorado.  The
Denver County bail bonds process is fast.  A Denver County bail bondsman can
be dispatched to the Denver City jail within 10 minutes.  The Denver County jail
and Denver City jail have two different facilities.  Each phone number is listed
below for your convenience or call us at
(720) 984-2245 to speak with a friendly
Denver bail bondsman!

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What is required to get someone bailed out of jail through a licensed
Colorado bail bondsman?

This is a very good question.  When hiring a bail bondsman, the agent typically
seeks a qualified co-signer.  If you are unable to find a co-signer there are some
other options we can explore including but not limited to: different forms of
collateral, multiple cosigners, and more.  Call
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answers to the most difficult bail bond questions!
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What makes a co-signer "qualified"?

A signature bail bond is a financial obligation taken on by a co-signer.  
Basically, someone other than the person jailed must guarantee to us, in
writing, that the defendant will make all of their
court appearances.  We typically
look for signature bail bond co-signers who have stable jobs with verifiable
income.  Some ways we verify income includes pay-stubs, W-2's, and pensions
documents.  We understand that every bond is different and we will go the
distance to figure a way to help you out.  Sometimes, collateral may be offered
to secure a bail bond,
 should the co-signer situation not be ideal.  
Why choose to use a bondsman?  

A Bondsman is an insurance agent who protects the co-signer(s) and
defendant(s) from having to put up the full amount of the bail with the courts.  A
Bondsman does this by charging an insurance premium which is usually 10%
or 15%.  Then, the bondsman undertakes the full
responsibility of the bail bond
amount with the courts.  This is why we look for good qualified cosigners.  

If the defendant misses court, the Bondsman can get them back in to see the
Judge without the defendant getting arrested.  This is a service we provide
without it costing any more money.  We are here to protect you.  

In order to receive this "consent of surety" or permission to stay on the bond,
the defendant and/or the cosigner must call the bondsman ASAP and let them
know they
missed court.  This is our service.  We take pride in being able to
help people who would otherwise be up a creek without a paddle!

Ultimately, the co-signer(s) would be responsible for the full amount of the bail
bond, should the defendant skip court and not call us.  
What types of collateral are pledged?

A collateral bail bond may be used if a co-signer is not necessarily qualified.  
We can typically get 99% of our bonds written with
no collateral.  However,
when someone pledges collateral, we make sure to provide a secure place and
the full documentation to ensure the safety and return of your valuables once
the case is finished.  Some examples of collateral include but are not limited to:  
Real Estate, Automobiles/RV's, Mobile Homes, Boats, Gold Jewelry, Assigned
CD's, Cash, Checks, Credit Cards, or an Irrevocable Letter of Credit.  
bondsbonds written with a fraction of the full amount, if no other options prevail.
written with a fraction of the full amount, if no other options prevail.
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